“Excuse me Miss, aah…I have an appointment with Dr.David…..”

Asked a gentleman to the receptionist in his mid40’s in grey suite well-polished black shoes and a black brief case in his hand. His hair was grey on both sides near his ears.

The receptionist asked ” Sir your full name please..”

” Dr.Trensy . K. Col “

” Thank you, sir, your appointment is scheduled at 10.30 am. Please have a seat and make yourself comfortable…you will be informed once Dr.David is here. “

” He is not here yet…?”

” He will arrive soon”

” Okay. Thank you.”

He sat on one of the expensive sofa sets kept in the lobby of hospital. The interiors looked very expensive aesthetic and serine.

He looked at his watch. It’s almost 10.25 am.

In 3 seconds, another tall man came with his escorts, his good-looking PA Miss. Lisbon and his body guard Safar Ali khan and his personal cook cum all-rounder Mrs. Usha.

Dr.David was a sharp looking guy with a pair of frame-less glasses on. He was in suite – a black one with a brown tie.

As he saw Dr. Trensy he went near him and greeted with open arms.

“Dr. Trensy… Good morning… Glad to meet you… Please come with me…”David has got such a perfect manly voice.

He smiled back and walked along Dr. David.

Usha opened the door of his cabin which was the most expensive, in the entire hospital.

Air was scented with flowers, well-furnished interiors. Files books and records neatly arranged. Trensy noted that his table was made from Mahogany.

Dr. David sat on the royal chair and offered one to the guest.

” Thank you, Dr. David. without wasting much of your time. I’m moving on to the business…”

As he was opening his brief case Usha came near them. she was in her early 30’s , a fair fat woman with an apron on.

” Tea or coffee?”

David asked him by making himself rotate in a 10-degree angle to left and right on his chair.

” No thank you. I stopped drinking beverages…”

” Okay…but Usha… I need a coffee… With no sugar …”She nodded her head and went inside.

Miss. Lisbon was standing just left to David’s desk. And Safar Ali near the door.

 Trensy was sure that he was armed. He looked at everyone, made sure that the people surrounded are not outsiders then slowly kept his brief case on the table and passed it to David. David pulled out the number lock and opened his brief case.

” The organisation never want to pass messages over electronic medias …therefore they send me as their carrier. In fact, I don’t know what is inside the case. They never told me…. the strange thing is that they offered me 1 million dollars for this job. I couldn’t still figure out why.”

David was inspecting the neatly typed papers inside the case then looked at him in bizarre. Letters were in Latin language.

” Certainly…they should have offered you more than that…… these information’s are highly classified and there are no copies left ……. “

As David finished reading the notes, he made a clarification with Dr. Trensy.

” I have a question for you… You don’t read Latin… don’t you?”

” Of course, I don’t. Why you asked sir …?”

David gave him a wicked and hasty smile and took the papers and read it aloud then translated

” Once you received the message… destroy this …and kill the carrier …”

” What…?” Trensy couldn’t believe what he heard

“Any last wish Dr. Trensy…?”

“…Of! No… please…” He lost his voice.

 “You know Mr. Trensy …my cabin is sound proof. Execute him. “David smiled and looked at Safar

Usha was stirring the coffee in the mini kitchen, when she heard the sound of gun shot.

Coffee cup trembled and she spilled the liquid all over the granite.

Watching his soulless body, David said 

“Blood if good for inauguration Lisbon…aha….Project Matrix has begun…”

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  1. Exllent 👌 but who is jessy……hahahah

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  4. Well put together! If I could just mention one small thing, it would be the way your page is structured. I think maybe the font is too big as I have to scroll sideways to read across. And scroll down. It makes it a little harder to read it flowingly as you want it to be read. But just a technical glitch! Good story!🙏🙂

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